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As states across the nation grapple with budgetary crises and begin to prepare for the 2004 Presidential election cycle, the disclosure of money in politics is more relevant than ever. Money plays a critical role in elections, providing the dollars necessary for campaign expenses.

Digital Sunlight - A look back, a look ahead
The Grading Process

States are increasingly more timely in their dissemination of campaign finance information. Unfortunately, the data are often not provided in formats that help the public understand broader national trends in giving and spending, or connect state contributions and expenditures to national elections. The practice of passing soft money between state and national parties makes it difficult to shine light on the sources and uses of campaign contributions.

The Project seeks to bring greater transparency and accountability to money in state politics through assessments of state disclosure programs as well as the development of a model state campaign finance disclosure law. The Campaign Disclosure Project is a collaborative effort of the UCLA School of Law, the Center for Governmental Studies and the California Voter Foundation (CVF) and is funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

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