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The State of Disclosure in Kansas

With its rank of 39 and overall grade of an F, Kansas has significant room to improve its campaign finance disclosure program, especially in the areas of Electronic Filing and Online Contextual and Technical Usability.

Kansas has a below average campaign finance disclosure law. Candidates must file one report in non-election years and one report before each election. Candidates must disclose information about contributors who give more than $50 and a contributor's occupation must be reported for contributions greater than $150. Last-minute contributions are not required to be reported. Detailed information, including subvendor information, must be disclosed for expenditures greater than $50. Independent expenditures must be reported up until twelve days before an election, but last-minute independent expenditures do not have to be disclosed until after an election. Kansas does not have an electronic filing program.

Overall, Kansas' effort to make campaign finance data accessible to the public is below average. Considering that the Governmental Ethics Commission staff goes to the trouble of data-entering information from the receipts schedules filed by candidates, there could be a better search interface and better access to the itemized data online. There is a database of contributions, but it is only possible to search for the donor and amount of a contribution. The data cannot be sorted online or downloaded for analysis offline, and disclosure records are not available in any other digital format. The site states that expenditure information is entered, but none is available online.

The site's usability also needs improvement. Even though statistical summaries of campaign finance data for legislative elections are available by e-mail from the agency, that information is not provided on the site. A list of candidates for current elections is featured on the site, but it does not include party affiliation. There is also no information about whose reports are online, no instructions about how to use the site and no listing of reporting periods. In addition, original campaign finance filings are not retained online when amendments are made to them. Despite the need for improvement, Kansas did fairly well in the usability testing. All usability testers found the disclosure web site and most found the campaign contribution data.

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